• INTEGRALFEED allows to supply bait calves with concentrated feed without the need to supplement the fibrous volume fraction (cereal straw).
  • With the feed made with INTEGRALFEED, the same productive indices are maintained as with the traditional feeding systems, making it possible to maximize the fattening activity for meat production.
  • With INTEGRALFEED it is possible to design a feed that allows the only ingestion of it, regulating the rumen functions and avoiding any digestive problems associated with food.
  • Feed made with INTEGRALFEED has a lower cost than traditional feed.
  • With the INTEGRALFEED system, feed consumption is not increased, so the cost of food is lower than that of the traditional system.
  • The growths of calves fed INTEGRALFEED are like calves fed with feed and forage, maintaining the conversion rate.
  • With INTEGRALFEED, the cost of the straw consumed, and the value of the work involved in the distribution of straw and forage are eliminated.
  • The carcases of calves fed with INTEGRALFEED have a superior performance to the calves that consume forage (of 1 to 2 percentage points more).

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